M'Dub Martin Dubois solo

Presence, a dance of the 5 elements

« ... a musical dream for all the loustiks curious about the sounds of the world! »
A participatory musical show that takes us on a journey through the Kora, Hand-Pan, Balafon, Kalimba, Tabla, Udu, Kena, Drums, Gongs, Singing Bowls and Voices, in the magic of sounds and elements; from Africa to India, from the Andes Mountains to the Tibetan Plateaus...
an opening to the world !

M’dub, Martin DUBOIS
World Percussions - Voices and Diphonic Songs (Xoomij - Jajila)
Flutes - Human drums & sampler

"Wood that sings, skins that resonate, words guide the dream,
the voice arises on melodies of the present time.
A song, a children's choir
A dance, farandole of today. »

Some references: Morning concerts, "Garden of dreams", Arambol, Goa / "The Local", Bangalore /Café-Concert "The St Martin", Vendôme / "Nomad Elze", Cévennes / Festival "L’Arbre Qui Marche", Angers ...


The United Children's Company

Through sounds, emotions, listening and action.

A group of professional artists working since 1995 with schools, creches, open centres, associationsmedical-educational institutes, regional and national stages...United Children's Co. aims to raise awareness of children young and old in musical, gestural and vocal expression"Les Rencontres de Wanané" is the synthesis of this whole approach. The artists have enriched themselves, through their multiple performances, a real experience with opportunity for children to listen as well as to participate physically. With a simple yet complex, approach, "Les rencontres de Wanané" Wanané” are participatory journeys through sounds, emotions, listening and actionAwakening and accompanying the child in his artistic abilities, his creativity, enjoy openness and joy obtained by working together between artists, children and staff, that is our goal.

These techniques help awaken body expression in children with simple and effective methods that have developed, refined and continue to grow throughout our journeywith children.

Some references :Kindergarten and primary school in Évires (74), Fresnes and Cellettes Kindergarten School (41), Body Expression and Percussion Workshops, Accreditations of the Academic Inspection of the Loir and Cher (41). Montessori School in New Delhi, "Center of good vibes" ...

The Maharajah's Dream

Participatory musical tale


with Amrat Hussain, Martin Dubois, Sanjay Khan, Chanda Sapera :

Music, songs, dances, tales from Rajasthan (Northern India) & sounds of the world.
A rhythm, a song and an audience is called !
The Maharajah "Jaychand" is the proud father of three boys, brave young warriors and a girl, "Chandarmouki", the graceful princess.
In its majestic palace it is the great feast of the full moon. Music and dance mingle with the scents of rose, jasmine and the joy of being together...

Trippy Sama

International Collective

TRIPPY SAMA is a world music project bringing together musicians and dancers from around the world. Their music reflects the influences of Indian classical and folklore, Indonesian gamelan, Indigenous Australians, Middle Eastern folklore, Scottish folk, African tribal music, experimental dance forms and poetry.

Few musicians have gathered in New Delhi (IND), based on the sharing of knowledge in classical music, from different countries and musical origins. They started with a fundamental idea of merging NAD (vibrations).

Incredible voices, experimental dance forms, ambient soundscapes, tribal percussion, Hangs, electronic beat and bass merge. These form the composite layers of the sacred sound of TRIPPY SAMA.

Tritha Sinha & Martin Dubois

The union of India and the West.

Tritha Sinha and Martin Dubois invite us to the heart of the 5 elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space! the voices mix, Indian ragas and Mongolian diphonic songs, the rhythms intersect with unusual instruments such as Hand-Pan (Hang), Kora (African harp), Tablas, singing bowls, flutes, Kalimbas and other percussions ...
The music of their imagination is inspired by a real experience of Indian, Oriental, African and medieval traditions as well as Jazz, Reggae and Rock. 
Talent improvisers, Tritha and Martin offer us a sincere and authentic sharing in a sound journey illustrated with rich tales of inner escape. A unique moment of communion between all to appreciate openness, harmony and peace through their original compositions!
"Two experienced artists, creators of magical atmospheres, for a concert of fusion of unforgettable world music ..."
Some references: Festival "The dream of the aborigine", "Harmonic Festival", "The Walking Tree" France / Ranthambore festival, Rajasthan in 2017 and 2018, "Jaïpur Literature Festival" India / Sound-Healing festival of Geneva, Switzerland / "The harmony of the steppes", Festival, Savoie, ...

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