Musical Nap

solo or duet, any audience

Played gently and delicately the instruments produce a sound massage very beneficial to lighten the mind, relax the body and spirit and so allow us to better listen and accept the world around us. Singing Bowls are made to harmonize and take the listener into what are allowed to be called "heavenly spheres." They will be the opening support of the musical siesta. 

Hang (or Hand-Pan), Kora (African Harp), Kalimbas (Thumb Pianos), Bansuri Flute, Tabla and Chant will complete the sound world in order to encourage relaxation and rest ! Nature and the elements of the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, will be supports to guide the relaxation of the listener in this relaxation space.

Duration: from 3/4 hours to 1 hour, in a quiet place where it is possible to lie down easily.

Some references: Shoonya center, Bangalore, Shala 142, Assagao, Goa (2020), Yoga Searcher, Annecy (2017, 2018, 2019) / Festival de Yoga de Val d’Isère, Genève, (2017, 2018) / Temple Zen de La Gendronnière, Blois (2015,  2016) / Université Rimay, Karmaling, Savoie (2016, 2017, 2018), « Center of good vibes », New-Delhi et Bangalore (2018, 2019)…

Une sieste musical