M'Dub Martin Dubois

Danse avec les éléments

“… A musical dream for all those who are curious about the sounds of the world! "
A participative musical show that takes us on a journey through the Kora, Hand-Pan, Kena, Drums, Balafon, Kalimba, Tabla, Udu, Gongs, Singing Bowls and Voices… in the magic of sounds and elements; from Africa to India, from the Andes to the Tibetan plateau ....
an opening to the world !

Martin DUBOIS – M’dub 
World Percussions - Voices and Throat Singing (Xoomij - Jajila)
Flûtes – Human drums & Loop – Station (sampler)

“Singing wood, resonant skins, enchanted strings, harmonious metal
the words guide the dream,

the voice is posed on melodies of the present time.
A song, a throat sound ...
A dance, farandole of today. "

Some references: Morning concerts, "Garden of dreams", Arambol, Goa / "The Local", Bangalore /Café-Concert "The St Martin", Vendôme / "Nomad Elze", Cévennes / Festival "L’Arbre Qui Marche", Angers ...