The United Children's Company

Through sounds, emotions, listening and action.

A group of professional artists working since 1995 with schools, nurseries, day camps, associations, medico-educational institutes, regional and national scenes ...the United Children"s Company aims to educate young and old alike in musical, gestural and vocal expression. “The meetings of Wanané” is the synthesis of this whole approach. The artists have enriched themselves, over the course of their multiple performances, with a real experience facing the listening and attention possibilities of children as well as their capacities to participate physically. From a simple, not simplistic, approach, "The meetings of Wanané" are participatory journeys through sounds, emotions, listening and action

Our objective is to awaken and accompany the child in his artistic capacities, his creativity, Together, we will enjoy openness through joint work between the artists, the children and the staff.

This awakened will be done thru the body expressions with simple and effective methods that have been developed, refined and which continue to enrich themselves throughout our journey with children.

Kindergarten and primary school in Évires (74), Fresnes and Cellettes Kindergarten School (41), Body Expression and Percussion Workshops, Accreditations of the Academic Inspection of the Loir and Cher (41). Montessori School in New Delhi, "Center of good vibes" ...