The Maharajah's Dream

Participatory musical tale

All Audience

with Amrat Hussain, Martin Dubois, Sanjay Khan, Chanda Sapera :

Music, songs, dances, tales from Rajasthan (Northern India) & sounds of the world.
On a rhythm, on a song the public is solicited!
some references: Nouvel Atrium, St Avertin (37), Guinguette de Tours (37), Médiathèque d 'Orléans (45), Festival "Bric à Notes" (37)

The Maharajah "Jaychand" is the proud father of three boys, brave young warriors and a girl, "Chandarmouki", the graceful princess.
In its majestic palace it is the great feast of the full moon. Music and dance mingle with the scents of rose, jasmine and the joy of being together...